About Health Travellers

Health Travellers has been founded by Lucas van Hooff in 2014
Our key activities are offering complete dental healthcare in Romania. This concerns mostly insertions of dental implants, crowns, bridges and full dentures. We are a young and dynamic company working almost completely at custom demand. Personal care, quality and transparency are the key values of our company.

Why Health Travellers?

We facilitate accessibility of high quality dental care to a greater public. Founder Lucas van Hooff himself has been working in the healthcare business for over 10 years.
Health care as well as dental treatments are becoming more and more expensive. With Health Travellers, we offer you the opportunity to boarding out dental treatment to top class dentists in Romania. They offer comparable quality against considerable lower tariffs. The dentists we co-operate with all have an extensive experience and skill inserting implants, crowns, bridges and complete dental prostheses. Also they speak English very well. We arrange your whole journey, including flight ticket, hotel and transfers.

Lucas van Hooff

Director and founder

My name is Lucas van Hooff and I have been working in the Dutch healthcare for over 10 years. I obtained a bachelor degree in People and Business Management. Because of my background I have grown convinced that within the healthcare the people should be of the main interest. This is what I want to carry out with Health Travellers, for example by giving you the personal care you deserve. On daily terms, I notice the health care getting more and more expensive. I think it should be possible for anyone to have access to high quality dental care. With the Health Travellers company, I aim to make dental treatments more accessible to anyone. A com-parable quality against lower tariffs.

Dr. Tamás Fehervari

Medic dentist and implantologist

Dr. Tamás Fehervari finished his study at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Targu Mures Romania. Subsequently he took courses and studied dental implant technology at a private clinic in Budapest. Also he obtained several certificates and diplomas and gained licences from several international manufacturers to use their implants. Furthermore he is a specialist in Minimum Invasive Surgery and Immediate Loading Implants.

Dr. Kávási Kinga-Enikő

Medic dentist and implantologist

Dr. Kávási Kinga-Enikő finished her study at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Targu Mures Romania. Thanks to the Erasmus scholarship she had the opportunity to also spend a semester at the University of Szeged and the Semmelweis University in Hungary. There she was able to increase her knowledge and practical skills by learning new techniques and apply them in the field. For example, maxillo-facial surgery and paro implantology.

Alexandra Paula Sărmăşan

Medic assistent

Paula Sărmăşan has completed her study for dental assistant in Targu Mures. She will assist dr. Tamás Fehervari or dr. Kávási-Kinga Enikő during your treatment. She has done an internship abroad in the UK. She speaks perfect English.

How can we help you?

We will return your call at your convenience or you send us an email message with all your questions. We will gladly help you as soon as possible.

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